Digital Playbooks' global game plan expands to include digital solutions for sports teams in the following countries/regions:   

DigitalPlaybook Apps

Our proprietary Digital Playbook™ app is the optimal solution for sports franchises interested in transitioning their business and marketing operations to an online medium. Explore some of our features.

Digital Playbooks' Sports Apps & Business Tools

Our Digital Playbook™ App Suite comes in three flavors:

Digital Playbooks for professional teams

Digital Playbook Pro
is our App suite custom-built for professional teams across several leagues and sports.

Digital Playbooks for college teams

Digital Playbook Edu
is our App solution for Higher Learning, including D1/D2 athletic programs.

Digital Playbooks for high schools

is our single-user App developed for high school teams, little league and amateur organizations.

Digital Playbooks is currently developing single-user versions of our App portfolio as standalone apps, derived from our Digital Playbook App bundle.

DigiPlay App icon

DigiPlay is the single-user, "lite" version of our Locker Room & Playbook Reader App. DigiPlay syncs with a user's iTunes library and manages locally-stored PDF content. All PDF annotations, media (photos & videos) and drawings are stored locally and users manage content on their iPad instead of via a remote server.

Screenshot of Digital Playbook on iPad

Locker Room

GamePlan is our "hybrid" App originally developed for a professional European football (soccer) team looking to manage upcoming match details, location and stadium directions and schedule and travel itineraries. This app is a single-user hybrid of our Team Schedule and Locker Room features, originally part of the Digital Playbook Suite.

GamePlan App for iPad

Playing Field App

PlayingField is our interactive whiteboard app for coaches and players to demo animated plays of saved formations and schemes. Record a player's movement and save animations for retrieval at a later date. Playing Field allows users within the same team to share plays over WiFi.

PlayingField App on iPad

Film Study App

Our FilmStudy App combines the best features of our Game Film feature. Annotate key frames on a video's timeline and study plays from saved videos. Audio notes and telestration tool included. Compatible with iTunes.

Video Player on iPad

MoileQB app icon

MobileQB is our new concept app developed for football teams and their quarterbacks. MobileQB is a mobile App that allows a team's quarterback to quickly swipe through and study key plays a coach has loaded to the App. MobileQB helps a quarterback prepare for defenses and different formations. This is currently in development for iPhone only.

Screenshot of Mobile QB on iPad

TeamHuddle app icon

TeamHuddle™ is our latest addition to the Digital Playbooks suite. Formerly known as TeamLync, TeamHuddle™ is the premiere social networking App for sports teams, coaches and players. TeamLync allows players and coaches to communicate and collaborate efficiently across a secure cloud-based platform. 

Screenshot of Team Lync App for Players and Coaches on iPad.

Developed for sports teams in: Football Baseball Basketball Soccer Hockey Lacrosse Rugby Volleyball