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DigitalPlaybook Features

Prepare. Perform. Compete.

Our proprietary Digital Playbook™ app is the optimal solution for sports franchises interested in transitioning their business and marketing operations to an online medium. Study your team's gameplan, watch video and manage your players and coaches.

Digital Playbook™ is the sports team playbook app designed for your sports team and developed for Apple's iPad®.

Huddle Up with Digital Playbooks

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Screenshot of Digital Playbook Sports Players app for the ipad
Screenshot image of the Digital Playbook app for the iPad
Image of Digital Playbook Whiteboard for Sports Teams, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL
Image of Digital Playbook Roster for Sports Teams, NFL football, NBA, MLB, NHL
Image of Digital Playbook Playing Field tablet for Sports Teams, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL
Image of Digital Playbook iPad App Playing Field tablet for Sports Teams, baseball and MLB
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Image of Digital Playbook PlaybookTeam Schedule and iPad Locator with Google Maps

Locker Room
Custom App Login with Secure Authentication

Sync the Digital Playbook™ App to a securely-hosted web portal using user-specific credentials. Available playbooks will automatically download to the Locker Room, for additional reading and editing capabilities. Coaches can assign user-specific permissions, allowing players and coaches to view content applicable only to their position or assignment. Features include:

  • Secure User Authentication
  • Individual Player Profiles
  • Inactivity Timeout Alerts
  • Encrypted Content Distribution
  • Device ID Registration
  • PDF Management & File Organizer
  • Custom Book Covers
  • Team-branded Interface
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Screenshot of iPad Playbook LockerRoom

Digital Playbooks icon
Playbook & Digital Asset Management

Study and annotate playbook pages using our editing tools. Draw, erase, highlight, bookmark, print and email pages. Search and sort playbooks by chapters. Archive notes, record audio notes and create custom playbooks from individual plays.. Features include:

  • PDF Annotation Tools
  • Page Bookmarking & Archiving
  • PDF-based Tabbed Chapters
  • Global Search Capabilities
  • Multimedia Links (Video/Photo)
  • Printing Capabilities
  • Sharing Tools
  • Single Page/Magazine Spreads
Screenshot of Digital Playbook on iPad

Digital Playbooks icon
In-App Chat

Coaches and players can instantly communicate and collaborate within a secure setting. With our in-app chat module, team members can share files with a single swipe gesture, enable multi-use video conferencing and send notifications across their organization. This feature integrates with the Team Roster module. (previously known as TeamLync). Features include:

  • Chat with Players & Coaches
  • Simultaneous Video Conversations
  • Instant Messaging
  • Individual "Team Card" Profiles
  • Invite Team Members
  • Push Notifications
  • GPS Location by UDID
  • Organize and edit playbooks
Screenshot of Digital Playbook on iPad

Interactive Whiteboard
Interactive Whiteboard & Collaboration

Coaches can design and draw quick schemes and sketches in real-time. Develop new plays or edit existing ones with our digital whiteboard. Import recently shot photos and continue editing with the Whiteboard drawing tools.

Choose between several backdrops: A simulated sport-specific "playing field", the more traditional "whiteboard" or go "old school" with the coach's vintage chalkboard. Backdrops can also be customized to include a team's logo and "real-life" playing field. Features include:

  • Assorted Drawing Capabilities
  • Play Animation/Recording
  • Custom Sport Backgrounds
  • Saving & Archiving Plays
  • Exporting to Photo Albums
  • Ability to Take/Import Photos
Digital Playbooks Basketball App Digital Playbook logo for sports teams using iPad Photos of sports teams using Digital Playbook app for ipad Photos of sports teams using Digital Playbook app for ipad
Digital Playbook App for Sports Teams on the iPad




Player Rosters
Coach & Player Rosters

Create and manage your coach and player rosters within Digital Playbook™ and enable communication among players and coaches within the organization. Add or delete users in the web admin and the iPad automatically displays an updated roster list. Add individual Twitter accounts and automatically feed a player's latest tweet.

  • Organize Player Profiles
  • Import Stats & User Details
  • Player & Coach Twitter Feeds
  • Email Coaches and Players
  • View Player's Online Status
  • Enable Video Chat
Screenshot of Digital Playbook on iPad

Game Film icon
Film Study & Video Playlists

Manage & distribute game film and other video content from a team's remote Web portal. Shoot video using iPad's camera and trim segments prior to uploading to the server. Annotate video with notes and diagrams to enable players to study individual plays and routes.

  • Load Video Playlists
  • Record & Sort Video Clips
  • XML Play Data Stream
  • Zooming Functionality
  • Scrubbing Capabilities
  • Annotations & Overlays
Screenshot of Digital Playbook on iPad

Photo Gallery
Photo Albums

Snap photos of key practices, players or recent injuries. Email photos to players and coaches or upload to a secure location on your team's secure server. Import photos into Whiteboard for additional drawing capabilities.

  • Organize Team & Personal Photos
  • Sort by Albums
  • Ability to Shoot & Import Photos
  • Touch/Swipe Functionality
  • Syncing with Team Server
Screenshot of Digital Playbook on iPad

DigitalPlaybooks Stopwatch
Calendar & Real-time Team Schedule

Gameplan and manage weekly schedules and appointments within your team's calendar. Add events, create alerts & reminders and sync with iCal. Coaches can also post team-wide events or notifications via the web admin portal and automatically sync it with every player's iPad. Features include:

  • Add & Edit Team Events
  • Enable Push Notifications
  • Personal Notepad
  • Reminders & Alerts
  • In-App Email Archiving
  • List Events by Day/Week/Month
  • Local Time & Weather Updates
  • Search Capabilities
Screenshot of Digital Playbook on iPad

DigitalPlaybooks Stopwatch
Stopwatch & Training

Scout players, track speed tests and take notes on potential star players or recruits. Features include:

  • Time-tracking Stopwatch
  • Multiple Players at Once
  • Multi-player "Race" Feature
  • Interactive User Interface
  • Ability to Email Recorded Times
Screenshot of Digital Playbook on iPad

Developed for sports teams in: Football Baseball Basketball Soccer Hockey Lacrosse Rugby Volleyball